team EtheraSwap

A fantastic platform for creating, buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Trade Ethera token on Binance Smart Chain in seconds, just connecting your wallet. Swap, Pools, earn, stake yelds, all on one DeFi system platform.

team EtheraNFT

NFT emits a seal of authenticity for digital assets, using blockchain technology. Including ETA UNIQUE is the first collection released on OpenSea by Ethera Ecosystem and ETA VIPs a NFT collection that will work as tickets for all Ethera Events around the world, including Hotels and travel tickets all inclusive.

team EtheraBETS

Test your luck playing our online casino games. A platform developed to play online casino games based on cryptocurrencies. All our games are provably fair. Sign up bonus, chat rain, affiliate program and many more.

team EtheraSports

Ethera arrives with a fantastic sport betting platform based on cryptocurrencies. Betting on your favorite team, game or sport just by purchasing Ethera token. Also sponsorship projects and tickets sales for the great sports around the world.

team ETAverse

A game universe filled with fascinating adventures and creatures. Control and collect as pets your ETAPUS. Raise, breed, train, battle and many more. Almost all in-game items, including ETAPUS, are NFTs. Transfer, gift or list them on any NFT marketplace. Play to earn and have fun.